Footprints on beach

Here, have another beach photograph. A bit generic, but I do love the way the sky's color varies.


In other news, I just uploaded version 11 of the USEPRO draft, which I expect to be the final version before IETF Last Call (maybe with an additional version to fix some minor issues like typos). We had an end-of-the-month deadline to finally get this out the door. It's a significant improvement over RFC 1036, and the working group is burned out. The chairs finally picked a resolution for the main open issue remaining, and I'm fairly happy with the result.

The Olympics have consumed my brain, so there haven't been many updates (although I'm working on a new release of remctl; there's a lot of work to incorporate). I love watching the Olympics in saturation like this, but two weeks is the right length or maybe a bit too long. I want to watch the rest and will also be happy when it's over.

Having the constant visual input and partial focus on something like this is a drain. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I've finished over the last few weeks, but it leaves me feeling a bit stretched. Ideally, I'll get the remctl release out next week before I go on vacation, but that may or may not happen. I still have significant patches to integrate.

The end of next week, I go on vacation, during which I will read, play video games, watch DVDs, and generally let my brain relax fully.

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