spin 1.69

I added support to spin for setting links to RSS feeds for a page in its header using an \rss command prior to the \heading command. I also added support for a \sitemap command that includes the entire structure of the site as a list in the page. There are some additional documentation fixes and a bug fix where state from one page was not fully cleared before starting to process the next page.

These features were added to be used on my site, of course. The pages with corresponding RSS feeds now have the appropriate tags in the page headers, which means that modern browsers with RSS support will provide an easy interface to subscribing to the feed. There is also a new sitemap for my web site. I don't know how useful it will be to anyone, but it looks impressive at least.

You can get the new version of spin from my web tools page.

Posted: 2008-08-18 00:00 — Why no comments?

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