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When I moved my old journal into my web site, I removed some redundancy by deleting the individual journal copies of book reviews in favor of keeping the canonical version in the reviews section of my site. As a side effect of that, though, and the way the various index files in my journal are generated, that meant that reviews stopped appearing in my regular journal web page. They were in the RSS feeds, but to know that a new review was posted when browsing my web site, you'd have to go to the review section specifically.

I didn't think much of this, but I've since discovered that this has apparently confused at least one person. Plus, the more I thought about it, the less sense it made.

So tonight, I took some time while watching the Olympics to hack on the various bits of software that generate my web site to automate generation of the main index page for my journal (instead of semi-automated the way it was before). This means that reviews will now appear in the regular journal page like any other post and age out like all the rest.

In the process, I also cleaned up URL handling so that I can use relative URLs in journal posts and they're always made absolute for all the RSS feeds (I'm not completely sure how all RSS readers handle relative links, particularly when turning the RSS feed into HTML to display on some other site). This means that images references in my journal entries will now get proper size tags in HTML because they're relative filenames that spin knows how to deal with.

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