Update and eyrie.org migration

Week before last, I had an absolutely fantastic visit with long-time friends. It was the first time that all four of us were able to get together in one place physically in eight years. We spent the whole week talking, mixing in some game playing, a long tour of Stanford, photography and comic book geeking, and watching some DVDs and TV shows, but mostly just talking. We went until 5am several days and at least 2am almost every night.

Then Monday, the day after the end of that visit, the power supply failed in the eyrie.org shell system and main web server (or at least I'm fairly sure that's what the symptoms meant). I then forgot that it had a weird power supply (ATX-GES) and wasted $70 (well, I could still return it) on a power supply that didn't work. Since ATX-GES power supplies are basically impossible to find and the converter cables weren't available locally, I went through some worrying about what to do, and then decided to just accelerate the migration to hosted VMs.

So, that's what I spent basically all of Monday and Tuesday on, and some of Wednesday, but it's all set up now and is working great. I cleaned up a bunch of old accounts too, which will reduce the mail load and provide fewer opportunities for someone to brute-force some old account. I'm very happy with the results; the new system seems quite responsive, I'm well under the bandwidth cap, and I now have a good template and installation system for making changes.

Since I didn't want to take vacation to fix my machine (I have other vacations coming up to use that time on), the rest of the week was catchup, trying to get a full week's work in. Of course, then the Olympics started Friday evening, so I'm now into my intensive Olympic-watching mode.

So, I'm basically packing as much as possible into every day right now. I have a bunch of web site work that I still want to do, I have lots of services left to migrate off of my other main eyrie.org system, and I still have lots of writing ideas from our visit that I want to explore with friends and have only just started. And there are the Olympics, which as usual have more coverage per day than I can actually watch.

This summer didn't look like it was going to be this busy going in. I guess they never do.

The current goal is to make sure that I do two full weeks of work these next two weeks, and spend all the rest of my time watching the Olympics. Everything else, as usual, will take something of a back seat. Then I have one regular week, and then vacation, during which I can catch up on all sorts of other things.

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