New photo gallery

Due to vacations, travelling, and other alignments, I had a free day today with nothing else pulling at my attention and was able to work for hours on a single project. I used it to finally finish the work I'd started last April on setting up a new photo gallery.

I'm still learning how to take good pictures (and haven't had much time for it in the last couple of months), but I love how I notice so much more detail when I'm thinking about taking pictures. I want to do more of it, and having somewhere to post the results always helps with that.

I pre-seeded the gallery with a bunch of pictures so that I could play with the layout and be sure that my design would scale, but I still have a bunch of pictures I've not put up yet. The intention from this point forward is to post a few pictures on a semi-regular basis and link one of them into a journal entry each time I do. I doubt I'm going to manage a picture a day, but a picture a week would be nice.

Today's picture:

Shell in sand

Taken last fall on the Oregon coast. It came out quite well even though it was before I knew how to use macro properly. As always, click on the image for all the metadata and a link to a larger version.

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