kstart 3.14

The main point of this release is the new -F and -P command-line options to k5start, which force non-forwardable or non-proxiable tickets respectively. We recently enabled forwardable tickets by default site-wide in our krb5.conf, and immediately ran into problems with k5start not being able to get tickets for our root instances (we use k5start -H a lot for this) because root instances aren't allowed to be forwardable.

I'm not totally happy with how I did this, since there's no corresponding -f or -p option; those options are already used for other things. I should probably add long-option support at some point.

There are also some test suite improvements, including a test for the daemon() portability replacement and for exit status propagation. I added the spelling check for the documentation as well and fixed a few spelling mistakes it found.

As of this release, kstart is now maintained in Git. You can browse the Git repository at my shiny new gitweb installation.

You can get the latest release from the kstart distribution page.

Posted: 2008-07-22 21:10 — Why no comments?

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