podlators 2.1.2

Nicolas Fran├žois uncovered another bug in the UTF-8 support. Pod::Simple, if a flag is set (which Pod::Man sets) to do internal processing of S<>, changes all spaces to ISO 8859-1 non-breaking spaces. This of course breaks UTF-8 output. This release now changes the ISO 8859-1 code point to a UTF-8 code point if UTF-8 output is enabled, which is an ugly hack but seems to work for now.

In this release, Pod::Man also changes to using .SS instead of its own internal .Sh macro for subheadings, since everything seems to support it.

I also wrote a new test to check the spelling on all of the documentation using Pod::Spell and piping the output through ispell -l. I'm very happy with the results; it caught a bunch of markup errors and a few real spelling errors. Unfortunately, in the process I discovered that none of the other, newer spell-checkers in Debian support -l properly. aspell doesn't at all, and hunspell apparently doesn't support English contractions (see #491638). So for now ispell is required.

You can get the latest version from the podlators distribution page.

Posted: 2008-07-20 19:01 — Why no comments?

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