New David R. Palmer novels

I first got mail about this in April and let it sit in my inbox until it got buried and I didn't do anything about it. (Proper to-do list management is supposed to deal with this, thus proving that I still don't have this down yet.) But belatedly....

David R. Palmer is the author of the short-story "Emergence," which is my favorite SF short story of all time, and the novel expansion Emergence, which is one of my favorite books. Both are frequently mentioned in discussions of forgotten or one-hit authors or "the best SF books you've never heard of."

After a long silence, Palmer is apparently back to writing and publishing. Tracking, the sequel to Emergence, is currently being serialized by Analog (starting with the July/August double issue). You may still be able to get the beginning of it. It's supposed to run for three issues, through October, and then roughly a month later, should come out in book form along with a sequel to Threshold (the first book of an unfinished series that's Palmer's only other novel) entitled Spēcial Education and a new novel entitled Schrödinger's Frisbee.

The novels will hopefully be available via Wormhole Press, which currently just points to a "domain under construction" page.

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