Tasker 0.3

Tasker is a CGI-based very simple to-do list manager that I wrote some time back when I realized I needed a more structured way of keeping track of what I was working on. I outgrew it some time back, and switched to Roundup with some custom templates to implement a version of Getting Things Done and mostly forgot about it. However, then a co-worker discovered a similar need and, as when I started, didn't need anything as complex as my Roundup environment, so I helped him install Tasker and he's been quite happy with it.

Of course, that meant a few tweaks. This is the first release in four years and adds support for adding the completion date to subtasks when finished and changes the file naming for completed tasks to use an ISO date format instead of seconds since epoch. This allows one to look at a directory listing and see when tasks were completed (very useful for writing status reports).

Since I was doing a new release anyway, I also moved Tasker into Git from my old CVS repository.

You can get the latest version from the Tasker distribution page.

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