Rare bookstore haul

Last night I went to the Palo Alto Boarder's in person, which is the first time I've been to a regular bookstore in quite a while. I usually order all of my books on-line since it's easier to check against lists (and against what books I have around the apartment). But when I go in person, I usually discover something being published that I'd not realized was there (if I managed to stay current on Locus, this probably wouldn't happen as often).

This time, it was the discovery that Warner is reprinting Octavia Butler's work in omnibus editions. I snapped up the Patternist omnibus and almost picked up the Xenogensis omnibus, stopped only because I already have way more books than I'm going to read any time soon.

Here's the haul:

Iain M. Banks — Matter (sff)
Octavia E. Butler — Seed to Harvest (sff)
Jay Lake — Mainspring (sff)
Ken MacLeod — Newton's Wake (sff)
Geraldine McCaughrean — Peter Pan in Scarlet (sff)
Larry Niven — Ringworld (sff)

I've of course already read Ringworld (several times, in fact), but the last time was about fifteen years ago and I never owned my own copy. (Wow, the current cover for the mass market edition is ugly. What is with the hot pink?)

I placed a Powell's order last night anyway, since the new Kushiel book is out but isn't in the bookstore yet, and that's not one that I wait long on buying.

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