kstart 3.13

Time to start catching up on software releases, since Debian packages are now vaguely under control again. (I want to write a more general update, but I'm still completely exhausted from recent work deathmarch followed by an intensely social conference.)

This release makes -o, -g, and -m (to set the owner, group, and mode of created ticket caches) more generally useful, since apparently MIT Kerberos does now allow updating caches not owned by the current user and group if the mode is correct. It does change the permissions and k5start and friends have to change them back, so there's a small window where programs might be confused, but it's still helpful. Thanks to Howard Wilkinson for all the testing.

Also fixed in this version are portability issues with Heimdal and, separately, Mac OS X, plus a better environment variable for setting the path to aklog than the old KINIT_PROG.

As of this release, k4start should be considered frozen, since I no longer have a Kerberos v4 environment with which to test it. New tests and new features will only be added to k5start and krenew, although I'll fix bugs in k4start if someone reports them and I can figure them out.

You can get the latest version from the kstart distribution page.

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