kstart 3.12

Well, I figured that all the build system changes in the previous release would have broken something. There's nothing like trying to build the software on Solaris 8 to uncover all the edge-case build problems. There were lots of problems with flag settings, ordering of libraries to avoid AFS com_err, and krb5-config processing. I also implemented a suggestion (for a different project) to verify the results of krb5-config and fixed some command-line parsing bugs when providing a command and not using -- first.

I can't release a version without making some functionality improvement. For this version, I implemented Mike Horansky's excellent idea to have krenew copy the ticket cache file when run with a command. That keeps the ticket cache for the command isolated from the user's ticket cache, so it's not deleted when the user logs out.

You can get the latest version from the kstart distribution page.

Posted: 2008-04-24 15:48 — Why no comments?

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