remctl 2.12

remctl was next on the list of packages that needed a build system overhaul to pick up my new Autoconf macros and my new LICENSE file scheme, and with this release I switched C comment formatting styles and made that global change as well. So a lot of code was touched here.

I also finally incorporated the Windows port by Matthew Loar. I doubtless broke it in the process, but since I need to do another release shortly to include the PHP and Python bindings, hopefully people will point out how I broke it and how to fix it before that release.

There are a pile of other fixes as well. Another internal project exposed the fact that remctl always sort of cheated about GSS-API identities and forced them to be a Kerberos principal, which kind of works but which disables all domain_realm mapping and host canonicalization in the GSS-API library. This version now uses proper GSS-API host-based service names if you don't tell it what principal to use. The server also marks all file descriptors close-on-exec properly (and even cleans up after the Kerberos libraries), and various other minor things got fixed.

You can get the latest version from the remctl distribution page.

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