Policy bug triage

Slowly but steadily I'm making progress on getting Debian Policy into shape. It's hard because each bug requires far more effort to resolve than the average bug in a package, and there are a ton of open bugs. Hopefully I can hunt up some more help.

Today, I committed patches for various pending Policy issues that have reached a sufficient number of seconds, pinged all of the other Policy delegates on their plans, and then did the massive bug triage one more time. Now, the default bug displays and usertags are all set, the bugs should have reasonable titles, and it should be much easier to see what work remains to be done.

I also now have a pile of wontfix bugs that I need to either close or appeal to the tech-ctte, but unfortunately ran out of time today.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work on the day job, and I didn't get all the Debian work done that I wanted, but hopefully I can steal some time this week to continue following up. I think the next version of Policy is almost ready to go, and there are at least three more slam-dunk bugs that I can resolve, maybe more like six.

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