Back to work

Back to regular work and regular life after a couple of days off (well, "off", in that way in which I spent most of the time working on Debian). The time was wonderful, though, as was being able to work from home today to transition back.

I'm mostly done with the Kerberos upgrade project, at least for a while, except for some minor stuff that should only take a few hours a week. Now, it's on to guest accounts, with a goal of finishing it this month. The first step is to get another release of WebAuth out, merging a bunch of work that needed to be done to support guest accounts properly.

Tuesday, I finally caught up on Debian Policy work, and thanks to Raphael Hertzog, many of my patch pings have gotten responses. So now I have more patches to apply, and we should hopefully only be a week or two away from a new Policy release.

Also queued up to happen soon are new pam-afs-session and new remctl releases, and it looks like a new kadmin-remctl release for some additional guest accounts requirements.

The focus, though, is on working steadily and not too much each day, setting my own pace, not letting other people drive me into stress, concentrating on each thing I'm doing as I'm doing it, and trying to make work time high quality. One day at a time.

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