wallet 0.7

I released this on Friday, having finished the work on Thursday. The primary change is an overhaul of how autocreation is handled. Having get and store auto-create new objects on the server was causing a lot of confusion, particularly in combination with default ACLs. I instead split autocreate out as a separate API call and put the logic in the client. Now there's a clear distinction between the administrative interface and the autocreation interface.

Also in this release are a variety of bug fixes in srvtab handling that showed up in our internal testing. The srvtab handling is still very specific to Stanford, but it's getting better.

You can get the latest release from the wallet distribution page.

Unfortunately, this release has a significant bug that I ran into right after I released it. The client uses a different API call to check for object existence than the server expects since I changed my mind halfway through the implementation. This underscores the lack of end-to-end testing, instead of just unit testing, so I'm going to do a new release shortly with a better test suite.

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