lintian 1.23.43

I've been delinquent in making journal entries. Time to catch up a little bit.

I uploaded lintian 1.23.43 on Tuesday, exactly a month after the previous release. That seems like a fairly good pace for major releases. Well, actually it seems like a killer pace if I keep doing as much in each release as I have in the last few, but it's nice to make a lot of progress.

This release included 37 bug fixes as well as a pile of other stuff that didn't make it into an official bug report, based on various discussions. I'm happy to be getting this out still some distance before the release freeze so that people have time to fix problems, although earlier is always better. I get the impression that a lot more people have started using lintian in the past few months, or at least a lot more people have been reporting issues. It probably helps that ftp-master has been very open about using it.

Anyway, this was a major release with a lot of changed code, although still no fundamental restructuring (which means the code keeps getting uglier). I still want to find time to do a fundamental restructuring, but that's not looking likely before March right now.

Posted: 2008-02-07 21:41 — Why no comments?

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