Small book haul

I'm back home. I must say, it's rather nice to be home and be able to settle into my own place, as much as I'm not really in the mood to be back to work. I could use a couple of weeks of just staying home.

I came home to a book shipment and have another book I picked up a while back that I never mentioned here. I made another large Powell's order over the break, too, so more will be coming.

Edward Gorey -- Amphigorey (graphic novel, sort of)
M. John Harrison, et al. -- Parietal Games (nonfiction)

Parietal Games is a collection of M. John Harrison's non-fiction writing about literature, as well as some essays about him and his writing. It's just the sort of combination of reviews and essays that I love to read about the SF&F field. It was rather expensive (small press only printed in the UK), but Borderland Books was great about tracking it down for me.

Tomorrow is the first day back in the office, punctuated by meetings and a trip to the bank and the post office.

I have two books (Fire Logic and Runaway) in the queue waiting for a chance to review and a third book (Urban Shaman) already reviewed and waiting for editing. But tonight I think I'm going to go read more Mort and then go to sleep.

Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I'll have a test weblogin server up for the upgrade at the end of this month and can go back to working on the wallet.

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