Back to work

I've been back to work for the past few days, but working remotely. Tomorrow I really head back to work, which thankfully involves an interim of a nice train trip and a good opportunity to read.

As usual, I'm already ahead on work hours for the week. Today was spent working on the WebLogin upgrade, unfortunately not as directly as I would like since the test system isn't set up properly for serial console. However, I also needed to make a new WebAuth release for the upgrade, so I could work on that part.

The libapache-mod-auth-kerb Debian package is kind of a mess. I need to file at least one bug report for a patch that we need, and may file bug reports about various other problems as well. But I think I have something working locally for our purposes.

I'm not horribly enthused about heading back to work. This was not a year where I came out of vacation ready to tackle things again. It's been more of an endurance year, with a whole pile of frustrations and stressful deadlines. Thankfully, there are more long weekends coming up this month and next month.

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