Debian Perl work

I ran into a really annoying networking problem with Stanford's network yesterday and managed to get myself rather worked up about it. I even woke up annoyed about it, which was rather counter-productive. But I managed to kick myself out of it.

Rather than doing various other things that I thought about doing, or obsessing about problems, I ended up spending the day doing a variety of work for the Debian Perl group. We have a bunch of packages that need checking and uploading, and I hadn't done any group work in quite a while. That was just what I needed today. Nice productive work that wasn't too difficult.

After uploading several packages and fixing all the packages that had broken maintainers that were confusing lintian (I need to also fix the lintian bug), I wrote up my upload procedure and added that to the group web site, along with some updates to the quilt and subversion guides.

And then I was on such a good roll that I got a few other things done, mostly around organizing my to-do list. I'm really happy about that.

Posted: 2007-12-26 23:04 — Why no comments?

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