Almost to vacation

This year, I get the entire Christmas shutdown off. No being on call, no work that I have to do, nothing. Stanford gets to cope without me. I'm really looking forward to that; I need the time.

I do, however, have to work the rest of this week (although thankfully I can do it remotely). I was going to work on documentation, but some work on a new krb5-sync overflowed into today, and we're also working on fixing the Debian OpenLDAP packages finally. So hopefully I'll get some work in on that tomorrow, but none happened today.

krb5-sync still isn't out, so I can't upgrade the production KDCs tomorrow. Oh well, it can happen after the break. Hopefully that release will be out tomorrow; I ended up fixing more bugs than I expected to.

Posted: 2007-12-20 23:43 — Why no comments?

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