Debian Policy

I've just done my first Debian Policy upload. Yay!

After some more prodding and more feelings of guilt, I finally decided to just make the Policy upload happen without waiting for a sort of consensus that meant I didn't have to make decisions. And then thankfully Manoj had some time to do bug triage at the same time, and I think we got a pretty good handle on all the outstanding bugs. I pushed through a few more changes that I think are uncontroversial, fixed some final build issues this evening, and uploaded the monster.

Uploads will get much easier from this point on, now that I have a basic idea of how the process works. There are already some other changes that are basically done and should be easy to get into the next release, which hopefully won't take anywhere near as long. And we should start on the DocBook rewrite.

Posted: 2007-12-02 23:25 — Why no comments?

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