I'm finally surfacing from having company over the Thanksgiving weekend and coming down sick with a sinus infection last Wednesday. One of these years, I'll probably decide that the guaranteed annoyance and discomfort of getting a flu shot is less bad than the risk of discomfort from having the flu. I don't know when. At least I've mostly stopped coughing now.

Many games were played over the past week, particularly more of Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy XII (which is gorgeous and amusingly like a MMORPG), and Baten Kaitos (which is an excellent game but has a lot of annoying timing-related bits for the completist). As usual, I had a blast and the time was far too short. It's a fun Thanksgiving tradition.

I'm still not caught up with my mail and to-do lists from before vacation, but I'm closer. I'm making very slow but steady progress and hopefully I can finish that tomorrow. Then I can start working on getting things done more seriously. It's going to take me a few days to fully get my head back into things, I expect.

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