Beach haul

This was a reading vacation. In twenty days of vacation, I read 17 books, nearly a book a day and a book a day if one doesn't count the various travelling days. So, of course, to keep the number of unread books I own from going down, I had to buy a bunch more.

Here's the haul:

Peter S. Beagle -- The Innkeeper's Song (sff)
Tobias S. Buckell -- Crystal Rain (sff)
Julie E. Czerneda -- Hidden in Sight (sff)
Julie E. Czerneda -- Changing Vision (sff)
Brian Daley -- Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds (sff)
Pamela C. Dean -- The Secret Country (sff)
Cory Doctorow -- Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (sff)
John M. Ford -- Casting Fortune (sff)
James Alan Gardner -- Hunted (sff)
Alan Garner -- The Moon of Gomrath (sff)
Alan Garner -- The Weirdstone of Brisingamen (sff)
Joe Haldeman -- Old Twentieth (sff)
John G. Hemry -- A Just Determination (sff)
Barry Hughart -- The Story of the Stone (sff)
Valery Leith -- The Way of the Rose (sff)
Severna Park -- The Annunciate (sff)
Frederik Pohl (ed.) -- The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 2 (sff)
Robert Reed -- Sister Alice (sff)
Rainer Maria Rilke -- In Praise of Mortality (poetry)
Brandon Sanderson -- Elantris (sff)
Sharon Shinn -- The Shape-Changer's Wife (sff)
Zadie Smith -- White Teeth (mainstream)
Gene Wolfe -- The Knight (sff)
Gene Wolfe -- The Wizard (sff)
Patricia C. Wrede & Caroline Stevermer -- Sorcery and Cecelia (sff)
John C. Wright -- The Phoenix Exultant (sff)
David Zindell -- Neverness (sff)

As is typical, most of the finds were from Robert's in Lincoln City, which is a spectacular used bookstore. I was particularly thrilled to find the Barry Hughart (sequel to The Bridge of Birds. The rest are from the book wholesaler in the outlet stores in Lincoln City, which has hardcovers for paperback prices and a great selection (they've doubled the size of their fiction section).

I have tons of book reviews already written and waiting for posting. Now I just have to rebuild my energy from the long travel times and get myself back into my normal routine and start posting them.

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