Retail therapy

I now own a PSP and Jeanne d'Arc. I struck out on the other games that I wanted, but I have a friend who's going to loan me some, and then I may poke around and see if I can find other things that I want.

I haven't really done anything with it yet since tonight was also cards night. Contract rummy is even more fun with three decks and five players, and also a lot more dangerous. The set contracts are actually interesting to play and have additional strategic possibilities.

Since I worked 68 hours last week, tomorrow is a rest day. I expect I'll start playing with the PSP, once I'm awake enough to read the basic care instructions and not break it right off.

Plus, maybe some strategic catching up with Debian work. We'll see.

Posted: 2007-10-02 23:49 — Why no comments?

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