Used and new book haul

A friend wanted to sell books to a used book store, so we took that as an excuse to hang out, wander through used book stores (and one new one we ran across while wandering through downtown Mountain View), and have a nice lunch on Castro. Here's the spoils:

Greg Bear -- The Serpent Mage (sff)
John Brunner -- The Sheep Look Up (sff)
Steven Brust -- Teckla (sff)
Steven Brust -- Athyra (sff)
Steven Brust -- Phoenix (sff)
Maggie Furey -- Sword of Flame (sff)
Maggie Furey -- Harp of Winds (sff)
Maggie Furey -- Dhiammara (sff)
Robert A. Heinlein -- Glory Road (sff)
Ellen Kushner -- The Privilege of the Sword (sff)
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller -- Pilots Choice (sff)
Valery Leith -- The Riddled Night (sff)
Scott Lynch -- The Lies of Locke Lamora (sff)
Chris Moriarty -- Spin Control (sff)
Diana L. Paxson -- Lady of Darkness (sff)
Frederick Pohl -- Slave Ship (sff)

Mostly filling in subsequent books of series where I already owned the first book but may want to read them all back-to-back when I finally get to them.

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