Usenet hierarchy work

Julien ÉLIE has been doing great work on tracking down information about various Usenet hierarchies, finding up-to-date group lists, and feeding me a ton of changes to the configuration that generates the list. I absorbed a bunch of that last weekend and tonight during the basketball game I got a ton more done. A few more sessions and I should have that up to date, which will be very nice and will get another thing off my list of things to feel guilty about.

The hot list now is this, Debian Policy work, INN, and News::Gateway. If I manage to get up to date with all of those things, I'll be feeling generally on top of my life again. Then the trick is to find the right balance of time so that I can stay up to date on everything that I'm doing.

Posted: 2007-05-03 22:34 — Why no comments?

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