Some hierarchy catchup

Today was mostly a relaxation day, but I did start on processing the tons of updates and improvements that Iulius has been sending to news.admin.hierarchies. Several hierarchies should now be in better shape, and he did identify a bug in the software (it was accepting control characters in newsgroup descriptions).

I think I'm slowly clawing my way up to being in contact with all the things that I think I should be doing. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm feeling caught up or in control of them, but at least there aren't many things left where I haven't touched them at all in a very long time. I can accept making slow progress on a variety of fronts; leaving things entirely alone is a lot harder.

Of course, now I have to go take my car in to be smog checked at one of the test-only stations again, which is two hours out of the middle of some day. *mutter*. I do agree with smog checks, but I wish they'd get less aggressive about them once your car keeps consistently passing with flying colors.

Posted: 2007-04-29 23:01 — Why no comments?

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