lintian.d.o back up and running is now back up and running, and I've sent my first-ever mail to debian-devel-announce. I started the full archive lintian run with the latest version of lintian back on Thursday and it finished late last night. There was a brief holdup when the mirror on gluck wasn't updating, but that kicked off this afternoon and I was able to do the necessary incremental.

Now a cron job is set up and it should be back to a nightly update cycle.

I already see a ton of interesting data from the tags, including several false positives and some things that could stand a bit of attention. I don't have time to do lots of lintian work right now, but this will make various things much easier.

Special thanks to Bill Allombert, who gave me all the necessary information to backport lintian to sarge and found all the bugs I would have run into before I had to.

Posted: 2007-04-21 22:31 — Why no comments?

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