Various hauls

Another major Powell's order plus a separate order have come in, I got some used books from a friend, and today I went to the Friends of the Palo Alto Library booksale and picked up a few things. So it's about time for another of these.

Lloyd Alexander -- The Black Cauldron (sff)
Lloyd Alexander -- The Castle of Llyr (sff)
Margaret Atwood -- Oryx and Crake (sff)
M.M. Buckner -- Hyperthought (sff)
Arthur C. Clarke -- Against the Fall of Night (sff)
John DeChancie -- Starrigger (sff)
Michael Flynn -- Eifelheim (sff)
Laurell K. Hamilton -- Danse Macabre (sff)
O.R. Melling -- The Hunter's Moon (sff)
Richard Morgan -- Woken Furies (sff)
Mervyn Peake -- Gormenghast (sff)
Frederick Pohl -- Heechee Rendezvous (sff)
Geoff Ryman -- The King's Last Song (mainstream)

I also managed to get several duplicates (not reflected above) via various means. Ah well. And there are several things at the library book sale that, now that I'm home and can check my list, I actually want. So I should go again next month (or tomorrow, but that's unlikely) and get more. Not that I really need more books, of course.

The Laurell K. Hamilton is probably a huge mistake, but I have a very hard time stopping reading a series. (I still think about going back to Robert Jordan from time to time, and even selling my Terry Goodkind books hasn't gotten me to stop thinking about them.)

The DeChancie is a pure impulse thing. The M.M. Buckner is because I'd like to read the earlier books in her series before reading War Surf, which won the Philip K. Dick award. The second one looks like it may be hard to find.

Eifelheim, as a Hugo nominee, will be the next book I read after I finish the one I'm currently working on.

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