Debian work

Post-etch upload number thirteen goes to gnubg. I took the time this afternoon to package the 0.15 release snapshot, which fixes a bunch of minor bugs. I'm not sure if the problem running it on non-GL screens is still there; I'm guessing so, which means that I should forward it upstream.

I was also going to upload a fixed version of libauthen-krb5-perl that fixed the options reading from krb5.conf, but after looking at that, the root problem is that the module is using deprecated interfaces. So I sent mail to the upstream author pointing that out and offering to craft a patch.

I also checked on whether I should go ahead and package the latest version of GNU GSS.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll get a GIMP plugin package that I volunteered to sponsor checked and uploaded, but relaxation is the order of the weekend.

Posted: 2007-04-14 23:43 — Why no comments?

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