More Debian uploads

Post-etch upload spree part eight was a new OpenAFS package. I uploaded 1.4.4-1 earlier to experimental and it failed to build on many architectures. I was ready for some serious debugging, but it turned out to be a missing build dependency causing aclocal to fail. That should be fixed, and now 1.4.4 will go into unstable.

There are still some pending bugs that I need to deal with and I think I want to migrate the location of upserver and upclient to match upstream's policies. That's going to be a bit tricker.

Part nine and ten were new kerberos-configs (just a new translation) and xml-security-c (portability to gnu-kfreebsd) uploads.

For a while, today was looking unproductive due to a variety of annoying reasons, but then I managed to pull it out. That's a good feeling.

Posted: 2007-04-12 23:13 — Why no comments?

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