Various Debian uploads

Fifth, sixth, and seventh in the post-etch upload series are new revisions of the rssh, opensaml, and shibboleth-sp packages. I took some time with rssh (a restricted shell that only allows certain operations, which I use as the shell of a backup user on one system so that I can do backups automatically via rsync from other systems) to clean up the debconf mess that had accumulated in the package and deal with most of the outstanding bugs. There's still one change to the debconf templates pending that will require translators to retranslate the template; the call is out and I'm going to upload another new version in May.

The opensaml and shibboleth-sp packages fix C++ compliation errors with gcc 4.3, which will probably be the default compiler for lenny with any luck. I took care of a few other minor cleanups while I was at it.

Still to go: gnubg, remctl, and kftgt, although the highest priority is to fix the various serious bugs with the OpenAFS 1.4.4 package in experimental and get it uploaded to unstable. I'll probably work on that tomorrow.

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