kstart 3.8

We have a bunch of cron jobs on our Debian archive server that copy local archives out of AFS (where it's easy for us to update them) onto local disk so that they can be served by FTP. These jobs require AFS authentication. Unfortunately, since they all run at about the same time, we get occasional rejection of authentication as a replay attack when obtaining AFS service tickets.

This release adds the ability to use the -H flag (which just checks an existing ticket cache to see if it's fresh and does nothing if it is) while specifying a command. Previously, if -H was specified, k5start (and k4start) would always exit immediately if the ticket cache was fresh. Now, they'll still continue on to run the command.

While I was at it, I got the refactoring and reorganization bug and redid the source layout and build system to match what I've been doing with remctl. There's now a portable subdirectory that holds various code snippets used when the local platform is missing something, I'm now using Automake, and I've pulled various repetitive portability bits into separate header files.

You can get the latest version from the kstart distribution page.

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