One of those days

I have been busy with all sorts of things, some stressful, some less so, and haven't been writing here much. But it's a new month, which is a good starting over time. (I need to do that with planning and status reports too; too much random stuff has happened this week and I'm way behind.)

Today was a day of not getting done anything I expected to get done and instead fight fires. Sometimes interesting fires, mind, but still fires. I think they're now all out, so that's a successful day, but there were rather a lot of them.

All of the DST patching I personally have to do, including the old, strange system that scares me and required Oracle patches, is now done. That's a relief; now I can focus on other, more interesting work. I've also gotten my ear washed out, which is a notable improvement in my hearing but means that I can now hear the rustling and crackling in that same ear from apparently having some fluid in my middle ear. A two steps forward, one step back sort of thing, but I'm trying not to let it bother me. I expect it will go away by itself.

Last month was a bad month for reviews. I have one more that I finished and need to post, but that's it. I have finished reading several things since, though, so I'm a touch behind on reviews. That I will hopefully fix this weekend. Taxes were done last weekend; now I just need to mail them.

On the software front, all has been too quiet for a while because I've been finishing internal coding. Now, I should be able to polish up several things and put multiple new software releases out (as well as set up testing for switching over our Kerberos password infrastructure).

On the book front, my copy of Ink has shipped, although I'm not sure when I'm going to get a chance to read it. I placed a fairly substantial order for a bunch of stuff early this week, which is now making its way to me in several different shipments.

Tomorrow, two meetings, status report catchup, planning a presentation, and hopefully some documentation writing and code cleanup. Not sure if I'm going to work late and work Saturday (and thus take next Wednesday off) or not.

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