First 2007 haul

I've been very good about not buying too many books, but it's getting close to time to start reading the Hugo nominees and there were new books out by favorite authors, so it was about time for an order.

Robert Borski -- The Long and the Short of It (non-fiction)
Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess -- Stardust (graphic novel)
Guy Gavriel Kay -- Ysabel (sff)
C.E. Murphy -- Urban Shaman (sff)
Charles Stross -- Glasshouse (sff)
Charles Stross -- The Jennifer Morgue (sff)

I already had a copy of Stardust as a paperback, but this is the illustrated version that actually won the World Fantasy Award and I wanted to re-read it in its preferred form.

I expect to see one or both of the Stross's up for a Hugo this year, along with Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge, which I already have. Beyond that, I'm not sure what will be nominated. His Majesty's Dragon seems likely, and I've already read and reviewed that (and wouldn't give it a Hugo). Farthing is probably an outside shot, being pure alternative history; it will have a much better shot at a Sideways. I'd not object to Blood and Iron winning, but I think it's pretty unlikely, as is Carnival.

Looking at the NESFA site, other possibilities are Eifelheim by Michael F. Flynn (hadn't even heard of this one, but I'm behind on Locus reading) and The Ghost Brigades by Scalzi, a sequel to the Hugo-nominated Old Man's War. From what I've heard of the latter, I don't think it's deserving, but I've not read it yet.

I'd like to see Sun of Suns make it, just because Karl Schroeder deserved a Hugo for Lady of Mazes and didn't get one, but I think it's a very outside shot.


The Borski is another critical analysis of the works of Gene Wolfe. This one I should probably hold off reading until after I finish The Book of the Long Sun and The Book of the Short Sun. Guy Gavriel Kay, of course, is one of the authors whose works I buy immediately and read close to immediately. Finally, C.E. Murphy is an acquaintance of a friend of mine and I like the mystery/fantasy crossover genre, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

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