remctl 2.5

The driving factor behind this release was the inability to start Puppet properly via earlier versions of remctl. Since we're using Puppet to do configuration management on our systems, that's not horribly helpful. remctld was closing standard input, which was somehow confusing one of the Ruby libraries that Puppet uses. Now, it opens standard input on /dev/null instead, which should be friendlier.

In the process, though, I decided to knock some of the other things off the to-do list and ended up adding support for unlimited length commands to the client library. That was way hairier than I expected. The protocol is unfortunately rather grody. I couldn't come up with a better one. Thank heavens for test suites; without that, I could never be sure I had it right.

I also cleaned up the protocol around maximum token sizes, enforced that everywhere, tightened down the protocol checking in a few places, took care of some memory leaks, and fixed a few other minor bugs.

You can get the latest version from the remctl distribution page.

Posted: 2007-02-03 21:44 — Why no comments?

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