Life update

There are very few things in this world more boring than writing audit code. But thankfully I think I'm almost done with it, and then get to see how long it takes the audit to run. Afterwords, I should have lots of interesting statistics and information about our Kerberos realm, along with a bunch of things that I have to fix at some point.

This, like most things lately, is taking me longer to do than I expected.

What I'd really like, right about now, is a week of vacation, entirely by myself, where I can generally catch up on the world. I could take that, but I don't really think it would help as much as it feels like it would help. Really, I'm fairly on top of stuff; there are just several things that I want to have more time to finish, and I want each weekend to be longer.

Hopefully the last two days of this work week will feature fewer interruptions and more time to sit down and concentrate on finishing things and putting more stuff in order. Then I'll have a weekend (although one day is a Super Bowl Party, so I won't get as much of it to myself as I'd ideally like).

I should get a few software releases out today or tomorrow.

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