Life update

This week has been a good week for getting project work done. I'm basically done at this point with Kerberos password and account status synchronization between MIT Kerberos, Active Directory, and an AFS kaserver. The code is deployed in test and working. We need to do another end-to-end test when I have the rest of the account creation infrastructure in place, but I'm pretty happy with what we've got now. There's even a remctl interface to manage the queue.

Other than that, I'm still feeling very behind. I'm feeling particularly guilty about INN, on which I've done no serious work in about six months. Realistically, I'm just not sure how much time I have to work on it, or on other Usenet things (like News::Gateway) right now. I do hope this changes, since I've really enjoyed working on it, and I've used the work I've done on INN in a ton of other projects.

In terms of general life, I want more time to myself, and I need to do more general apartment cleaning, reading of things other than books, and so forth. I'm doing surprisingly well with book reading so far this year (figures, right after I decided not to worry about reading 100 books that I'm currently ahead of schedule), but I'm behind in other things, like Locus. This isn't any sort of emergency, of course, but I like being current in the SF field.

So, pluses and minuses. Thankfully, work is going to settle down soon, and if I can get through some additional deliverables for the Kerberos project, I should have time to breathe and think about other work I want to get done. I'm a bit pessimistic about being able to pick up some of the open source projects I've mostly dropped, but we'll see how it goes.

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