svnlog 1.14

For my editing work on the Netnews protocol draft RFC, I wanted to enable commit notification for one specific file (to notify the working group of any changes made to the draft). The commit notification scripts that come with Subversion have lots of options in this area, but I prefer the output from mine. I've now added a very simple option to limit notifications to only those commits that affect files matching a set of regexes. If any of the modified files matches one of those regexes, the regular full commit notification will be sent (so this may not be entirely what one wants).

I also added a somewhat ugly hack to allow user confirmation of whether to send the notification message before sending it. It's ugly because post-commit Subversion hooks don't have a stdout or stderr available to them (but do have stdin — odd), so I opened /dev/tty to print the prompt. This will probably break horribly in any scenario other than a local repository accessed via a file: URL, but that's all I needed.

You can get the latest version from the svnlog distribution page.

Posted: 2007-01-05 10:58 — Why no comments?

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