cl2xhtml 1.7

Dave Elcock sent me patches to cl2xhtml that would optionally add ViewCVS links to the converted HTML output (particularly useful ones if you're using cvs2cl with the --revisions option). I started to integrate them and then realized that the code would be a bit cleaner if I significantly overhauled the ChangeLog parser.

This still isn't implemented properly. It uses a bunch of regexes and guesswork to parse most of the ChangeLog file and generate HTML on the fly, when what it really should do is instantiate a ChangeLog entry object that parses the text representation and then has a method to generate an HTML representation. But since I already spent four hours working on this when I only expected to spend one hour, I'll release this working version and then do that as part of the next overhaul.

As part of the partial overhaul that I did do, though, cl2xhtml can now deal with comma-separated filenames and comma-separated functions and will add the appropriate markup. It also handles timestamps as well as dates in the ChangeLog entry header, since cvs2cl adds those (even though they're not part of the official GNU ChangeLog format).

You can get the new release from my web tools distribution page.

Posted: 2006-12-04 18:37 — Why no comments?

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