Preorder haul

This will be the last book order of the year, but there were a couple of paperbacks that I wanted right away so I went ahead and preordered them. I was also given a nice selection of books, mostly by the Scribblies and assorted related writers.

Elizabeth Bear -- Carnival (sff)
Pamela Dean -- Tam Lin (sff)
Laurell K. Hamilton -- A Stroke of Midnight (sff)
Janet Kagan -- Hellspark (sff)
Henry Kuttner -- The Best of Henry Kuttner (sff)
Will Shetterly & Emma Bull (ed.) -- Liavek (sff)
Will Shetterly & Emma Bull (ed.) -- Liavek: The Players of Luck (sff)

I still have reviews from vacation that I've not posted yet, plus I'm three books behind writing reviews for books I've read. Maybe I'll be able to do something about that tomorrow, although I really need to get a new lintian release out and then catch up with a few other things.

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