pam-krb5 2.6

This is a bug fix release, mostly to fix an API mistake I made. When calling pam_get_user to set a pointer to the user, one can't assume that pointer will continue to point to a usable string for the entire life of the PAM module (particularly if one is stashing that pointer in a data item and retrieving it later in the session module). I also ran the PAM module under valgrind and fixed a few memory leaks and one use of freed memory when debugging. There's still something wrong with verify_creds; it seems to be creating a ticket cache that it doesn't free, but I can't see the problem in the library code. I wonder if this is fixed in a later release of Kerberos.

You can get the latest version from the pam-krb5 distribution page.

The Heimdal PKINIT support was put off for this version since I'd like to get this bug fix release into Debian etch. I expect I'll commit that for the next version and also do some significant code refactoring and call the next version 3.0.

Posted: 2006-11-28 20:48 — Why no comments?

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