Library sale haul

I finally, after three years of supporting the Friends of the Palo Alto Library, made it to one of their booksales. This is one of the things that's more fun to do with a friend.

Overall, I'm impressed. The main room is very well-organized and even had SF in alphabetical order. I'll definitely go in the future when SF is one of their featured genres for the month. And you can't beat the prices. I had a couple of coupons from my previous support and therefore ended up getting ten books, four of them hard-cover, for $1.50.

John Brunner -- The Shockwave Rider (sff)
C.J. Cherryh -- Chanur's Homecoming (sff)
Julie E. Czerneda -- Migration (sff)
Julie E. Czerneda -- Regeneration (sff)
John M. Ford -- Web of Angels (sff)
Jim Kjelgaard -- Big Red (children's)
John Le Carré -- Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (thriller)
John Sladek -- Roderick (sff)
John Varley -- Wizard (sff)
Tad Williams -- Caliban's Hour (sff)

I didn't notice until entering this how many books I got by people named John. Weird.

Both of the Czernedas are very nice hardcovers that are basically new; one of them just has one minor dust-jacket tear. And they were 50 cents each.

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