Well, I had plans to get work done yesterday and today. Meetings plus a very nice dinner out with friends devoured much of yesterday, and the elections devoured the rest of yesterday and nearly all of today.

I was trying to not lose myself in the politics this year, but to some degree that's unrealistic. I care too much about it, and therefore can't pull myself away from watching and concentrate on something else. Thankfully, this time slightly less than half of the country thinks my values are worthless, my friends are subhuman slime, invading countries solves problems, and the "Christianity" preached by the Republican Party bears some resemblence to morality. This is, in the bizarro world in which we live, a substantial improvement over slightly more than half of the country believing those things, enough that I didn't lose two days and come out the other side horribly depressed and scared. Just tired.

I'm afraid that while we're still passing ballot measures creating legalized bigotry in six states around the country, overwhelming optimism is a bit beyond me.

Back to normal tomorrow, hopefully. I did manage to drag myself through starting to write the AFS PAM module that I really needed to write on Monday, and I'm hoping I can do more work on that tomorrow inbetween volleyball, lunch, and three and a half hours of possibly stressful meetings. If not, well, there's always Friday.

I finally scheduled a routine eye exam, during which I will discover if I can get past my phobia of things getting close to my eyes long enough to let them actually do an eye pressure test. Life is to some degree going to suck until that's over with, although I'm trying not to obsess. Thankfully, it's next Monday, so it will be over soon, and if I can manage to do this (there's no earthly reason why not, but phobias are phobias), it will be much easier from this point forward.

Anyway, so, I'm stressed, but it's the forcing myself to deal with things that I've been putting off sort of stressed that I can only tackle when I'm not stressed and which will mean I'll be much less stressed soon. Expect me to be on edge for a bit.

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