lbcd 3.3.0

Sparked by a user problem report, I finally dug into the lbcd logic for returning load and protocol two packets (which are the most important packets for lbcd since lbnamed only speaks protocol two) and documented the behavior. It turns out that the default load service does a fairly complex calculation of logged-in users, /tmp space, and load, not just a simple load calculation, but the documentation didn't say that anywhere. It also blanks out all the user numbers for protocol two, which is probably correct in general (since it forces the local weight algorithm to be used), but one needs to have a way to turn that off.

I've now added a new -S option that disables the special protocol two handling and tells the truth, at the cost of not returning to protocol two queries any of the service information.

There was also an embarassing bug in the Linux support that caused lbcd to always return 0 for all the logged-in user numbers. That's now fixed, and I added support to detect Linux console users.

Finally, lbcdclient was sending a single-byte packet before the real query for no good reason. I have no idea why it was written that way originally, but it's now not doing that.

You can get the latest version from the lbcd distribution page.

Posted: 2006-10-06 18:19 — Why no comments?

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