Much better

Today was a much better day. It was only a moderately better day for most of the day, although the meeting went far better than I feared (I do like working here; the people are generally reasonable). But this afternoon I managed to kick myself in gear sufficiently to finish converting and documenting the rest of the devnull scripts. Andrew found and rescued my development environment, and then with some additional help from the developer, I got the kadmin proxy working. And even better, I got my modified proxy that supports examine and enable/disable working.

Right now, I'm finally finishing a patch for Debian's openssh package that will let it take over ssh-krb5 so that we can not release etch with two copies of the OpenSSH source code. Hopefully the openssh maintainers will take it.

I've worked twelve hours a day for the past couple of days. Maybe I can take it easier for the rest of the week, particularly since just about everything is done that I needed to do before going on vacation.

Posted: 2006-10-03 22:59 — Why no comments?

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