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One of the first on-line diaries I read was Alan Cox's, quickly branching from there to read his wife's commentary on the other side of the story. I've never met either personally, but Alan's entries were often a useful way to follow Linux development (and now that Kernel Traffic has apparently stopped, it would be nice to have something like that). Telsa's, on the other hand, were just fun, often amusing commentary on day-to-day life and hacker doings.

Alan switched his diary to Welsh a while back and then stopped keeping it entirely, but Telsa kept on for a bit and I kept reading periodically. About a year and a half ago, the entries became rather intermittant, and then stopped entirely. She's now written a final post to close things down more formally.

Sad, a little, particularly for me as many things seem to be ending right now, but I certainly understand her reasons. Her paragraph on some of the ways in which the diary became more trouble than it's worth resonate with me and match some of my feelings about Usenet right now, particularly the point about an increasingly confrontational climate.

The archives are still there, linked off that last post. I quite enjoyed reading them the first time. Thank you from a random stranger for the moments of amusement and laughter.

Posted: 2006-09-28 22:14 — Why no comments?

And now I have spent a pleasant two or three hours reading her posts for the first time. (I got up to 2000, and find that in order to not keep a schedule of the sort that she ribs Alan about, I ought pause there.) Thank you!

Posted by Brooks Moses at 2006-09-29 00:43

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