More Usenet work

Well, work on my day job towards wrapping up projects before my vacation has been going swimmingly, so rather than use the treadmill and read tonight, I decided to tackle pending Usenet work that I had been putting off. Mostly this involves writing (in some cases quite long) e-mail to people to whom I owed some, but I'm also working on the evaluation of the new Big Eight newsgroup creation system due October 1st.

From time to time, people at work tell me I write too long of mail. I'm not sure how much people have seen that on Usenet, since I haven't had many cases where I needed to write formal proposals or evaluations, but they're going to get a dose of it this time. Given that this is the last thing that I'm going to do for the Big Eight newsgroup creation process, I don't want to do a halfway job.

This is still a rather weird feeling, and I think I'm going to go through a grieving process probably sometime in November or December. Right now, though, it mostly feels like relief. I'm not sure how long I'm going to stick around for subsequent discussion after October 1st, but as of my vacation, I'm done, and I'm not going to start up again when I come back.

I'm not sure if this is going to feel as significant in retrospect as it does now, but it really does feel like the end of a phase of my life.

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