The biggest challenge right now is to manage to concentrate on something for long enough to make real progress towards getting it done, since I'm getting interrupted by just about everything right now. This is very frustrating. It's particularly frustrating because in less than a month I'm going on vacation, and various things need to happen before then.

The first step, prioritization, I mostly finished last night. Now I have to actually get the work done.

Before October 10th, I want to get the Shibboleth SP packages finished and uploaded to Debian, I want to get a new internal mail server built using Puppet and port all of the necessary configuration from qmail to Postfix and from bundle to Puppet, and I need to have the test environment for the new password propagation and verification mostly finished.

That doesn't sound too bad. There are multiple steps to each one of those projects, but it should be doable. But I need to get more than five or six hours of real work done each week.

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